Here's the slides from Charlie's Saturday Night Slide Show.

01 Pease where it all began 02 Why the squadron left Pease 03 Here comes Gen Keyes to use my beach again 04 Only our Wing CC now ACC CC 05 Hey Ron dont trash it up again
06 Now Wade dont screw up what Charlie started 07 Wade says Charlie hasnt done anything 08 ACM Pilot training 09 Pilot error 10 Dick Eaton our first Tech Rep
11A Don and harry playing serious video games 11 Don Moody at the stick 12 Don the first of 16 13 First day of 1991 war Squadron flew as SME 14 Harry tells of his desire to be a doctor
15 John and Tom want what Vic has 16 Rex and Gary in LV 17 Rich and Vern say plant it here 18 Roger never passed up a warm sticky bun at Smoky Junction 1917 to Present
1995 Jim Thomits Cecil Charlie D Slack 19 Ron drums me out 20 Solly never figured out what caused kids 21 Terry and the forever donut 22 The 1st Childrens party at KBAD
23 Terrys bunch 24 Vern sure threw some wild parties for Judy 25 B52 SRAM 26 FB111 SRAM 27 B1 SRAM
28 One of the first programs at KBAD 29A Start all 8 at once 29B Tankers too 29C This guy didnt make it 29 Start all B52 and KC135 engines together
30 years of Childrens Christmas parties 31 Training in progress 32 You stuff this big thing in the little hole in the bottom of the missile 33 Tony congrats Brandi for putting up with the LGI guys 34 So does Tom
35 Fred gets the tough counciling sessions 36 Don with afro Wade wants one too 37 Larry and Bill give away the only ALCM that works 38% of the commanders 4201st Guideon
96 with Hobbs and Saltsman According to Roger KBAD has never seen this much snow AF OUAJuly 82Jun 84 ALCM in Canada ALCM on a stick dedication Oct 85
All this work for a cake ALMAG checklists Anyone for tennis A secret squadron test effort B24 1 Our squadron adopted plane
B24 2 Restoration Bears at KBAD Beauty and 2 beasts Don Buzz Beauty and 3 beasts Don Boe Rick Buffs belong to the 49th 0031
Buffs belong to the 49th Buzz likes any hair especially red Canadian ACM Carol worries about the 5 bad hombres Cary says the landing was rough
CC Wall Cecil Charlie and Mike lookin good Cecil thanks Doug for another fish tournament Change to JFTR from Sparky Charlie guarding it for Damon
Charlie I found Eunice for you Congrats Gary Congrats Phil for another golf win Dan and Fav break bones Dan Hobbs Cake
Dave doin the Dirty Deed Don checkin out the action Don for you Rod and Linda Don says let me at em Don takes the credit from Gen Herres
Doug workin in Chains gang Early 95 Sq Eddies Bean Soup Eglin wants us there Engineers Canadian scoring
Every time Barry lands his tires light up FALTTREE for ALMAGs FB over New Hampshire Frank and Cecil have plenty of room Frank says I hate to write why a pen
Fred and Harry give Paul the shaft Freds phophesy He will return and take over the squadron Gary and Don queued up at the keg Gary and Ron in charge Jul 81 Gary asks Leo can this FB possibly launch
Gary Don Dick at AFETR Gary keeping the TD out of trouble Gary not keeping Don out of trouble Gary says I quit Harry at Garys for Roush away
How Many Adult Christmas Parties How many times did Dave fall on his sword Id like to know the story behind this belly dance lesson Jack Smith must have done this Jake gets another sports trophy
John tells Gen Johnson no touchie with out static strap Karen staring in Tops In Blue Kathys Drawing and 80th Keepers of the jogging cup Larry and Phil discover the T.O. says the bomb should be blue
Late 83 Sq pic 33 here tonight Look out squadron Heckerson is coming back Lots of changes Many crawfish boils Many political cartoons in Canada
Many Wing and TEG awards Moodys not buying any of this Nice boots Dick NTIK Recovery as it floats gently to earth Old Conf Room
Pease AFB crawdad Phil reacting to another slip in Canada Phil wonders if the golf course is closed Plaques galore Ragin Grannies
Ray and Gary mess with the squadron presentation medal Rex and Harriet at the SAC reunion Rex Gary and Mamie at the SAC reunion Rich and John team up Rich asks you want us to test this against a WHALE
Roger and Vic Enjoy A Happy Moment Roger bored in Canada Roger exclaims you engineers are all tall Rons in charge now Ron wonders about that big word
Russ and Slack are ready for a beer So Paul did you really hate the FB So thats how those bushes got there Vic did it Spoor Mtn Jerry Squadron destroys International Relations
Stripes were in Terry presents Verns gift from Analysis The 49ths private show The big expensive display Don destroyed The chief indian Vic
The InHome going aways The last TD with an ALMAG The plaster patches for going aways Tom says first dibs on the cake Tony congrats Greg well in advance for making Senior MS
Two dinosaurs Doug with hair and the ARIA Uh Pete are you sure you did the NNV Vern asks if thats a legal uniforn Vic says Sir do you have double sided tape and my arm is really sore Wades finger is stuck in the circle maker
We always win at paintball When I was a major in Canada When the squadron had money Why is Dans nose brown Wroebel starts the daily engineering decision on wheres lunch Time 0830
You want the 4201st to test WHAT

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