Sparky's Winter 2003-2004 Project

Page Two

Sparky gets to welding on the last bottom section - early January, 2004

The bottom floor is done. You can see Sparky's high-tech-off-road welding cart too!!!

Don't tell nobody, but it doubles as a high-tech cement mixer.

Ah! Room for more lawnchairs and MORE BEER!!! YeeeeHaaaaaw!

Closeup of the braces for the back of the porch.

Gratuitous Progress Shot. Owl is fearless.

Guess how many times Sparky was asked; "Why are them uprights Sofa King tall?"

Well, Old Sparky was plannin ahead - time for the second verse.

Sparky even planned (altho a little late!) for some stairs!

Low-tech welding cart is no good for mixing concrete, but does have room for beer.

Stairway to nowhere?

Looking better - even got some floor joists!

Winder stair detail - they're built upside down from plain old wooden winders.

Sparky had to get him some Rogaine to replace all the hair he scratched offa his haid a-cypherin how to build them winders!!!

Ah! Looking MUCH BETTER!

Watch that top step!!!
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