Sparky's Winter 2003-2004 Project

Page Three

The middle section of the top floor is done. Circa late February, 2004

Same progress, different view.

Another Gratuitous Progress Shot. Owl is most likely Alfred Hitchcock's protege.

YeeeHaaaawwww! The top floor is done, sort of.

The view from Up There. You can even see Canyon Lake.

Starting to look like a nice place to hang out, especially when summer rolls around!

Maybe there is a method in all this madness.

More Gratuitous Progress.

At this point (early March, 2004), Sparky is trying to figger out if he has enough money to buy tin, and how to hang it.

Aha! Looks like he figgered it out. About half the tin is hung - took about three days.

Same progress, view from the top. The tin has a 6 inch drop over the span of 12 feet.

Hopefully even a Texas ThunderBoomer won't be able to flood the bottom floor!!!

(Yet) Another Gratuitous Progress Shot.
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