Sparky Went a-Toobing on The Guadalupe, 5 August 2004

Sparky fuels up.

I bet Squirrel has the only yellow and blue Toob on the Guadalupe. He's got more fashion sense than me!

I guiss I shouldn't give him too much feces, after all, he brought...

...The Mighty Coleman! That's one helluva amphibious beverage distribution system, lemme tell ya!

Cattman went along as our Beer Guard.

Don't give his wife this link - he'll lose his kitchen pass and be up the Guadalupe without a toob!

Impressive cypress trees along the river.

Looks like the girl on the right is workin loose some toe jam!

Lotsa floatillas (floatilli?) of toobers out for a weekday.

Even a floatilla with buns! (Sorry for the attempted pun)

Two sets!

Whoah! A poke her dot bikini! Now there's something you don't see everyday!

However - we'll see more of her later! ;)

Sparky tries to take a picture whilst a-shootin the mighty rapids, and loses his beer.

Good thang he held onto the camera.

Aaaaaahhhh! I think this is what Gary P. Nunn was thinking when he wrote Guadalupe Days!

I wonder what the poor people are doing today?!?
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