Sparky Went a-Toobing on The Guadalupe, 5 August 2004

Page Two

Hi Mom!

I told these girls I was gonna put their pic on the net, and their mom just about went ballistic.

Reminds me of a line from the movie Highlander; "Nuns, no sense of humor."

Same girls floating in front of a nice pile of bricks. Brush pile needs some attention tho.

Annie and Bentley (the dog) and her friend (cain't remember his name) joined up with us.

Annie shows off her tattoo!

Now that's a BF Rock!

I think I see where the BFR come from. Who says Texas ain't got no scenery?

A motley crew of rock denizens if I ever seen one!

Some members of this crew look better.

Cute kids from Albuquerque.

Nice lookin Toobette.


So long BFR!
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