Sparky Went a-Toobing on The Guadalupe, 5 August 2004

Page Three

Looks like Squirrel dodged another falling BFR. A whole herd of MGDs hit him smack in the mouth tho.

Some people camped at White Water Sports.

The size of this (now empty) ice chest should have given us a clue....

Uh Oh! I told ya'll we'd see more of her!

Might hafta change her name to Spanky!


What a pose!

Some people just aren't safe around cameras!

Or (n)ice chests!

Good thang Cattman and Squirrel are watching from cold water!!!

OK, so how many bridges are there on the horseshoe?

Last time I checked there's only two. So what are them two yay-hoos doing a-way downstream?

I'm purty sure Cattman and Squirrel emptied most of The Mighty Coleman by themselves!!!

"Where's that confounded bridge?!?"
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