Yeah, Sparky Usedta Play Geetar!

But it was a long time ago, in a fermented hops, malt and barley-induced haze.


Everything that will assault your ears here was recorded sometime in the early 1990s on The Mighty TASCAM Porta 2;

Helluva Masheen eh?

Actually, for it's time it was a pile of value for the money.

Sadly (or fortunately, depending on your taste in music) it is now brokee, no workee.

Microphones are Shure SM-57s, for the most part. There may be a stray AKG in there somewhere.

Sign The Line

An old Donovan song. Apologies Dono. Tim Moore on rhythm guitar and vocals. Sparky on lead and rhythm guitar.

ETOH Haze factor; about a six-pack, between us.

The Beverly Hills Billy's Waltz

This is kinda scary. The fact that this song even exists should send 'net denizens fleeing SparkHerd in terror!

Dave "Thermos" Setser on the infamous Prophet 5!

Prophet 5

Jim Piavis on horse noises and rhythm guitar, and Sparky on rhythm and lead guitar.

ETOH Haze factor; Very High! Just gestating the idea requires an advanced state of inebriation.

Don't try this at home, kiddies!!!


Ivory and Guitar Blues

Thermos on a Yamaha DX-7 keyboard and Sparky on guitar.

Featuring a Yamaha drum machine Sparky was brow-beat into buying for $50 - sorry, won't happen again.

ETOH Haze factor; low.

Louie Louie

Featuring Jim "Eighteen Pack" Piavis on vocals and guitar.

Thermos on keyboard and Sparky on guitar.

ETOH Haze factor; EXTREME! Hell, just listen to it!!!

There's more, but, well, we'll see.

Oh yes, and lest ye toss wayward criticism this way; ALL songs were recorded on the first take.

Which is sort of the purpose of a portable recording masheen, eh?

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