Sparky's Welding Adventures

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Cousin Tony got a $400 Onion Whomper offa E-bay for a paltry sum,

on account of one of the aluminum legs was cracked clean thru.

Here's a closeup of the fix.

Sparky got hungry for some beer-can chicken.

Ya'll don't hafta use MSgt Beer, if ya'll don't wanna!

An Old Milwaukee Bougie!

bougie (noun);

A cylindrical instrument, used for calibrating or dilating

constricted areas in tubular organs, such as the urethra or rectum.

Hah! Larn sumpthin everdamnday!!!

The first chicken was Sofa King Good, Sparky knew he needed more capacity!

Don't ferget to pull the tops! Otherwise ya'll'll have

Random, Catastrophic, High Speed Chicken!

The Three Stooges. So THAT'S where all Sparky's beer's been goin!!!

Time to start productionization - Sparky made one for Jen.

And one for Mark S.

Sparky even made a headboard for Squirrel. Saved his cheap ass about $600!

Mebbe now he'll git laid!!!

Sparky's friends Genet and Hank live in a log cabin with a low, sloped ceiling.

There's not a lotta room, so they needed a pot rack to match.

Looks OK from this angle.

Time to git Hank to make that squirrel etouffee he's always talkin about!
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