Some Links Sparky Likes

Austin/San Antonio NOAA Site
New Braunfels NEXRAD RADAR
The Weather Channel - Canyon Lake, TX
South Central US Lightning
Live Seguin Lightning
Realtime New Braunfels Nexrad
Canyon Lake Level & River Flow
The Sky This Week
Space Weather
Real Time Solar Flux
Almost-Live Seismic Activity
Linux Homepage
Tux Mobile
Tom's Hardware
Sharky Extreme
QRZ Callsign Database
Southwest Lynx Repeater System
San Antonio Area Radio Frequencies
Deep Cycle Batteries
The Tubestore
Dave "Keyboard Maven" Setser's Mighty RV site
Dave Williams Motorhaid etc site
Seiko & Citizen Forum
A webcam on the Guadalupe River.
UT Tower-Cam
Eeyores Birthday Party